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When a person Likes their own post, they're a Sad Liker. The reason behind doing this is because they found their post decent, so they don't want to take it down, but it wasn't noticed by anybody else. It's existence is useless. So, to avoid embarrassing themselves, they create the illusion that someone actually cared about the shit they had to say.

We've all been there. Don't lie to yourself.
Stephanie: "Whoa! Dude! Have you seen your last post? It has ZERO likes!"
Kevin: "WUT?" *Furiously logs in to his account*
Stephanie: "And you were so popular, too... Where are all your followers at?"
Kevin: *Quietly clicks the thumbs-up*"What are you talking about? It has a like."
Stephanie: "I see through your lies, Kevin... You Sad Liker."
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by Bill "Bill" Billson August 03, 2016
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