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When having sex with a person, going "Sackdeep" means going as far as the penis length will allow the person to go.If you have an 8 inch penis your going to drop 8 inches of meat in her before the Ballsack road blocks you from going deeper, because you ran out of Cockmeat to go further than 8 inches.
Yea man Jessica is pissed at me becuse I took her best friend "Sackdeep".

(Example 2) A Donkey Show? You damn right I would let a Donkey take me "Sackdeep" for 22 Pesos and a 6pack of Miller.

(Example 3) Man Ive take 3 of those bitches in the Trailer Park "Sackdeep" now 2 are pregnant
by HonkeyT May 27, 2006
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i wuz sack deep in your mommy last night, Billy, and it was "yogurt parfait" good, especially when I blew my yogurt into her 7 chins.
by robert bigguns May 31, 2007
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When you are so involved with a situation and it is also one that may require assistance; when someone is a little less than waist deep in something; when you are in a situation wher your position is either extremely favorable or extremely unwanted.
"Dude I am sack deep in a sausage fest, get me outta here!"

"Dude, I was sack deep in the mud when i stepped out of my truck."

"Dude, I was sack deep in her all night!"
"Dude, I woke up and realized what i had gotten sack deep in last night!"
by timtimtimmah March 10, 2010
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