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A sexual act performed by a group of guys (preferably 3 or more but unlimited in total number allowed) and 2 women. The men line up in a row naked. The two women kneel down next to one of the males standing at the end (either end of the row). The Sack Relay begins upon signaling start and the first of the two women works her way down then back up the row of guys giving each a 10 second blow job. Upon return to the starting point, the woman tags the other woman then she begins to work her way down and back up the row in the same manner. The Sack Relay continues back and forth and up and down the row until a guy blows his load. Celebration may result in a subsequent mass orgy or bukkake for one or both women. This game is well known among group sex advocates and fraternity brothers.
Hey dude, did you hear about the group sex party last night over at the frat house? No, what happened. All the brothers in the house invited two chicks over and they held a Sack Relay. Cool!
by Tugg N. Harder June 22, 2009
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