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A social networking site to rival facebook....aimed at women (or men, we don't want no homophobes here) who are seeking a man with either a) a face like a bag of elbows or b) enough false charm to get you into bed and then not bother with you ever again (we are expecting record joinings) better than facebook and without the stupid status updates!!! For women who think charm is a brick wrapped in a brick (tm Roo)
Krystal "I joined Sack of Wank looking for an ugly mutt to take to hockey and they have Jesse Boulerice!!!!"

Luanne "get stamped on!!!"


Chantelle-Chanelle "Why do men always treat me like an idiot?"

Courtney "because you are an idiot Chantelle-Chanelle (and I think your mother hated you) but why not join Sack of Wank, they have loads of grade A wanksacking arseholes on there and this week they have a special offer, free Sack of Wank with every account opened" deep voice says.....terms and conditions apply
by Bertuzzi's Bitch and the Roo September 21, 2009
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