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A high school located in farmingville, new york where the kids have too much time on their hands. 95% percent of kids smoke pot by the ninth grade, 95% drink by the time their 12, and 90% of kids smoke by the 9th grade. There are more whores than one kid can count. Contrary to belief it is not a rich suburb school filled with white kids. It is filled with all kids. Has a really bad drug problem.Recently hired drug sniffing dogs. Most kids get fucked up at island 16 and at wendys.
Rivalry with Sachem North.
Has the worst football team, has a kickass girls basketball team.
Built in 2004, and is probably bigger than the pentagon.
Has a football team named the flaming arrows?!
Sachem high school east student: hey! how you doing?

Sahem north student: hey, fuck you. wait, is that pot?!

Sachem east student:yeah man, lets get fucked up.
by longislanderrrrrrrr March 09, 2009
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