Sachar is a fantastic russian boy.
He isn't scared to be feminine and show his soft side. People often call him gay or a simp for having a lot of female friends. But what should he do if only girls accept him! He doesn't have a perfect relationship with his russian family bc. russians are a little conservative so they're scared that he's gay .
He is the most loving and protective person if you are his friend and his hugs are wonderful! He allways listen to your problems and make you feel loved. You can call him anytime and he will sprint to you to make sure you ok. If you feeling down in a big company and try to hide it, Sachar will know and he doesn't say anything but still helps. He has this magic power so whenever you talk his words make you smile. His humour is unique and not everyone likes it. Sachar has a lot of crackhead friends and is more calm then the others and makes sure everyone is save.

love you sachar:)💗
Person a:"Dude why does Sachar run away after that call ?It is a fucking exam right now!"
person b: "a friend needed him"
Person a: "His friends are lucky af!"
by Hellooooobitcheeees March 30, 2020
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To be banned in Norway. As in not allowed, forbidden, or off-limits.
His guitar playing was so bone-crushing in that Oslo club, he totally got sachared.
by Arielle Funk July 22, 2008
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