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The Sabrina's cackle is a vile invention, usually followed by either the exclamation "OH (Insert annoying girl's name here)" or a snort. At high enough frequencies and intensity, a Sabrina's cackle is designed to force a males testicles up INSIDE the body, and if a high enough cackle intensity is achieved, the effects may be permanent. Similar to the harpy's scream from ancient greek mythology
Guy:Man I feel really sickBuddy:Relax, I think it may just be the effects of a distant Sabrinacackle

Kim: Patrick's such an idiot
Sabrina: @^%#@^%#&^@%#%^#$@&#^$#@&^@##@$ Oh Kim %^&##&^$#^ SONIC SNORT
Trisha: I like cows
Mark: You guys are such douchebags
by Thatguyyoudreamtabout January 20, 2010
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