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A college set in a small town. Close to white plains, right by Manhattanville. Student body consists of musician, dancers, actors, cokeheads, pot heads, alcoholics, film makers and other random majors. Filled with inner city kids. Most of the students are "artists" and try to dress as oddly as possible to express their inner creativity. 50% gay and about 80% bisexual. This college has state troopers whose job it is to ruin as many lives as possible.
"What are you wearing tomorrow?"
"Well I was thinking about leggings, a patchwork skirt, my chuck taylors, and that shirt I got from goodwill...Wanna help me dye my hair tommorow? I was thinking Orange"
"Sure, wanna smoke in W2?"
"OK, because I go to SUNY Purchase"
by Jillian and Olivia October 27, 2006
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