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Shut Up And Fight- The slogan and name of a Medal of Honor: Allied Assault clan infamous for banning everything and everyone from servers and treating their 34 year old members like they are children. Overall SUAF could be used to represent a disfunctional gaming clan of low-IQ players that dont know talent and are incapable of effectivly governing themselves with any sort of decency. Also referred to as SAUF by their leader who seemingly never grasped the ability to type 4 letter words.
Man I hope I never get stuck in a clan like SUAF.
by Captian Chaos September 30, 2006
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SUAF - Shut Up And Fight as comparted to running your mouth about how great you are. In other words let you fighting do your talking. From the online Gamming world.
SAUF if you have any game dude.
by pete smothers February 23, 2005
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