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A nickname for San Diego State (SDSU) due to the rampant dirtiness of the student body. STDSU is consistantly ranked in the top 10 party schools in the nation but is a 4th tier academic school which explains why a person goes there: to get wasted and bone on a nightly basis. It was once rumored that STDSU had an airborn version of herpes floating around campus and several mutations of the clap. Although not officially hookers, many girls at STDSU will hook up with guys in exchange for small amounts of alcohol and/or drugs.
Shit! I knew I shouldn't have hooked up with that chick who looked like a hooker at STDSU in exchange for my case of beer! Why does my penis look like a raw hamburger?


Your daughter is going to STDSU? Better buy her some kneepads, I hear the price of coke is skyrocketing!
by TheGlove May 11, 2006
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