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An acronym for a Slutty Random Asian Girl.

SRAGs are the most rapidly growing breed of promiscuous Asians found on college campuses. A SRAG often tries to disguise its predatory nature by concealing itself with 7 layers of eyeliner or by altering its first or last name to hide their asian persuasion - but do not be fooled. Frequent sightings typically include the back entrance of a frat struggling for admission because none of the brothers they "know" or hooked up with last weekend want to claim them. However, if they do manage to enter the premises, they immediately prey on vulnerable (blacked out) brothers. Other unsightly sightings include 3 am walk of shames, as even bros know that having a SRAG spend the night will ultimately result in torment or worse, an STD. The only rule while in custody of a SRAG is that you must always walk it to the door to exit. Legend says that once when a SRAG was left to exit the house on its own, it got lost and stumbled into 3 other bros’ beds before managing to fully exit the premises. Despite its unintimidating physique, you can never put it past a SRAG to hook up with your ex boyfriend or even a current. SRAGs must put sluttiness before common courtesy in order to survive in the wild frat scene. It is only once a SRAG manages to bone everyone and destroy several relationships that they evolve to a SAG. Their promiscuous endeavors have deemed them infamous thus no longer random.
"Dude, who let a SRAG loose in our house?!"
"Chill out, at least now we'll all get laid tonight."
by MLIBerkeley January 13, 2013
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