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Scrawny Pale Pimp Organization. They are a small but powerful group of ambitious individuals that started the SPPO as a rebuke of traditional “gangs” and the idea that men had to be muscular to kick ass. The SPPO was spawned in Waterville, Maine in 1999 with three members, and has since spread over most of Central Maine, Louisiana, Alaska and Texas. They do not go by names and are just known by numbers, (i.e. SPP29, SPP96 etc).

Many branches and projects include SPPO Productions, SPPO Films and SPPO Records.

The symbol is a flexing, white stick figure, over a black background, each member has different facial features or hair style on the stick figure as a personal symbol.

Inventers of the Ninjuggalo Mask and various other products. Mostly known for being trouble makers and bad asses.
Kid: Hey have you seen the new SPPO video?

Kid 2: Yeah, that was fuckin AWESOME… those dudes rock!!1

SPP jumps out of the bushes wearing a ninjuggalo mask and back hands both kids with one swing.

SPP: You better recognize biznatches.
by SPP29 December 16, 2006
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