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SNOETRY is “any image or phrase drawn or written in the snow”. It does not have to make sense or rhyme... It can be clever, or not. At the very least, it can be a random happy face on a snowy car windshield... Or it can be a huge I-LOVE-YOU the size of a football field. After every snowfall, there are fresh opportunities to express oneself on a small or grand scale. Spontaneous. Temporary. Fully editable or erasable by any passerby, SNOETRY is cold hard democracy in a time-honoured, yet always fresh medium... SNOETRY is environmentally friendly when human power is used. Snoets believe that everyone is a good snoet.
"So i was driving down the highway, angry as hell at the other drivers around me. I look up on a hillside and some idiot has stomped out a haiku or poem or something. In the snow. Poetry. It was freaking snoetry! I felt a little less angry."

Variation for warmer, snowless climates, see "hiwaiku" (Highway Haiku)
by Gregory Alan Elliott February 22, 2008
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