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SNATU is an abbreviation for the phrase 'Systems Normal All Trumped Up' which supplanted SNAFU 'Systems Normal All Fucked Up' when SNAFU was found insufficient to cope with yuge-scale fuckery unleashed by Pres* Drumpf upon the US & the world.

With the electoral college selection & installation of 'Donny Tiny-hands', he showed it was possible to dick things up into a state even more screwed-up than being merely monumentally fucked-up. Thus, SNAFU proved insufficient to describe the situation where a narcissistic sociopath gathered racist nihilists, Russian agents & toadies as his closest advisors, unleashed rampant neopotism in the White House, installed incompetents like Betsy deVos, Dr Ben Carson & Gov Ricky Perry to head agencies they're intent on destroying & unleashed blatant self-dealers like Sec* Tom Price to gut the Dept of HHS & 'ObamaCare'.

Oxford English Dictionary lexicographers said Drumpf simply overwhelmed & broke the abbreviation SNAFU. "The magnitude of the unrelenting shitstorm generated by the Bull Shitter-in-Chief & abetted by his Cavalcade of Toadies created the need for an new abbreviation to capture a state that transcends SNAFU & thus SNATU spontaneously emerged into the lexicon."

Unlike with so many of the fake-facts that he & his minions have spewed upon the civic & political landscape, his supplanting SNAFU with SNATU represents a genuine accomplishment he can to point to as he closes his bigly sad initial 100 days as Preznit of the United States.
Trumpp went SNATU when he super failed by being unable to deliver on yet an another campaign promise like making Mexico pay for his wall, passing ObamaCare repeal, passing his Muslim bans, etc... Sad, so bigly sad. Pathetic. #MAGA
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