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"SMWB", sometimes referred to as "#SMWB" is an acronym that can be used when blatant and extreme profanity may not be deemed acceptable within the current environment or situation.

"SMWB" is the acronymn for "Suck My Wrinkly Balls" and is a modern day variant of more traditional, sexually suggestive profanities such as "Suck My Dick"

The origins of "SMWB" or "#SMWB" can be traced back to the UK Start Up scene where entrepreneurial characters coined the phrase in an attempt to avoid upsetting new employs of a delicate nature or instigating the wrath of the newly founded HR department.

When in the presence of those of a delicate nature, and during any form of HR related Tribunal, the use of "SMWB" can be explained away with the non offensive "Shaking My Whole Body" whilst those other, more morally corrupt and thick skinned, members of the team can delight in it's true meaning with a hidden chuckle and a glorious mental image.

Dave: "I don't believe it! #SMWB!"

Paul: "What's wrong Dave?, please calm down...and what does #SMWB mean?"

Dave: "It's this new supplier, they're pissing me right off Paul, they are a massive bunch of bunglecunts...oh and #SMWB just means Shaking My Whole Body, nothing offensive, not to worry Paul"

Sharon: "Hehehehe" <winks at Dave>

Paul: "Oh that's OK then, anyone for chamomile tea?"

Dave: "Fuck you and fuck your chamomile tea Paul, you massive prick!"

Sharon: "Yeah Paul, Fuck you!" <High Fives Dave>
by Winogirl August 25, 2016
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Shaking my whole body. A step higher than SMH(shaking my head).
Person 1: Dang that girl is so crossfaded. She doesn't even know that she's dancing with a table, not a person.

Person 2: Wow! That's a shame... SMWB
by The Bernies July 28, 2013
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