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The ethnicity and language of the Slavic people of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Not to be confused with the geographical area of Macedonia in Greece, Bulgaria and Albania. The Macedonians were an ancient Hellenistic tribe who spoke a Greek dialect. The Slavic residence of FYROM also speak a Slavomacedonian dialect which is linguisticly branched off the Bulgarian language and is closely related to Bulgarian. A clear definition is needed for these people as not to get confused with the other three countries that also incorporate the geographical region of Macedonia.
My name is Goran and my mother tounge is Slavomacedonian, we are Slavomacedonians who are descended from the the Slavic invasions of Northern Greece in 700 AD, and we have nothing to do with the Hellenistic king of Phiilip and his son Alexander who were from the Greek kingdom of Macedonia, we came 1000 years after Alexander the great and his conquests which spread Greek culture throughout the known world.
by Jim February 07, 2005
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