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South In Your Mouth.

Unofficial Battle Cry for University of South Alabama athletics. Literally means "in your face," but since "mouth" rhymes with "South," the chant is "South in your mouth."

Has been in use by students and fans of South Alabama sports since around 2001.
Goooooooooo JAGS! U-S-A! South in Your Mouth (SIYM)!
by panthera onca September 15, 2010
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stands for Satan Is Your Master, common phrase uttered in your ear to sound like youre a psycho. Also combined with KYSF.
(sneak up behind someone): SIYM Satan is your master, KYSF kill yourself fag!

(victim): fucking shit im going insane, gotta slash my wrists to release the pain!

(fuck yes)
by A. K. December 07, 2006
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