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An Underground Hip-Hop MC from New York City whom is also a indie filmmaker and photographer who goes by the alias "K-otic". His name "Sir Fuss" (Surface) originated from his days of recording in Basement Studios.

In an OZONE magazine article SIR FUSS explained the meaning of his name as.... "Everyone in this world judges Everyone no matter what. You grow up being told don't judge a book by it's cover but, we all do it. They say Perception is Reality. So your judged on what's on the Surface (SIR FUSS). I mean I have a lot of reasons behind word for me personally. One is I used to recorded at Below The Surface (BTS) Studios which actually was in the basement of this apartment complex so I used to say the name meant that I'm trying to work my way up to the surface" - SIR FUSS
SIR FUSS dropped the craziest 16 bars on that track "Common Knowledge" from the Built for War mixtape.
by 13th Apostle July 23, 2009
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