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A person who, for whatever reason, is addicted to buying pre-paid cell phone SIM cards rather than buying a mobile phone with a contract.

This person will usually have a pocket jammed tight with SIM cards and a really shitty looking unlocked phone. When one SIM card runs out of minutes, they will swap out the exhausted SIM, and run the next one until it's completely spent, and continue this pathetic practice day after day.

Many a fake hustler, fledgling entrepreneurs, drug dealers, teens, Playas and pimps have this in common. Seeming to be in one area code and then another one in less than 5 minutes impresses some weak-minded folks.

Ian is such a SIMwhore, he's got 10 SIM cards with 10 different area codes and 2 beat-to-death Nokia cell phones. I can never reach him from one day to the next.
by Shawn Jackson May 24, 2006
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