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The clever combination of "SHO" and "god". This tag can be found throughout the internet from AIM to Xbox Live. The first portion of this tag refers to the Taurus SHO (super high output) debuted in 1989 with a whopping 220hp. Researchers believe that the "god" portion of this name somehow immortalizes this glorified sedan. SHOgod is often followed by one's favorite model year or high school football number. Although the SHOgod tag is somewhat intimidating, it has been proven that SHOgod's gaming skills are limited to none.
Gamer 1: Hey Utah, did SHOgod seriously just have a -22 K/D spread?
Gamer 2: Yeah that noob was driving the mongoose around the whole time and getting owned.
by Rambo61 October 12, 2007
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