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A loud outgoing female who loves pancake flavored ice cream. This SHNARD is usually the center of attention and everyone loves a SHNARD.

A "SHNARD moment" is defined as a moment when a) Shnard commits an act of riotous humor, causing surrounding "SHNARDettes" to laugh uncontrolably. SHNARD moments must be taken with caution, as the laughter can cause severe abdominal pain, and blurred vision.

The term SHANRD also is a part of a slang language including other words such as; shmark, shnobber, scorns, shnorzing.. and other shnarly words yo!
" Hey Shmark, are you writting this down?"

"SHNARD... I don't want your shnobber all over my noodles"

"Shnard, pass me the scorns"

"Hey, is your roommate shnorzing?"

"This definition is shnarly yo!"
by Ainsley Elyse January 22, 2008
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