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SHAFGM is a word that is abbreviated for "Short Hairy And Fat Gay Man", like the ones you see at gay bars that think they are still hot but they're not and they hit on all the cute young boys. most of them will buy you things in order to see/touch/smell your wiener.

SHAFGM was coined one drunkened night at Jeremiah's house when Tay, Jeremiah, and Farrakhan were trying to describe all the dirty old pervs at the bar Farrakhan dragged Tay and Jeremiah to...
tay: "hey jeremiah, that bar tonight was full of SHAFGMs"
jeremiah: "i KNOW dude! they were all trying to get up in my shit!"
tay: "one of them said he'd be my daddy, and i need an iPhone..."
farrakhan: "dude, go for it! last year, a SHAFGM paid my rent for 3 months and all i had to do was let him do me in the butt"
tay and jeremiah: "......eew"
by Mr. Unforgettable April 02, 2008
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