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The name of the team that South Eastern Conference fans root for in Bowl Games. The SEC Aardvarks are unanimously praised and their fans can often be heard chanting SEC! SEC! SEC! at any game which their beloved Aardvarks play.

SEC Aardvark fans have an innate ability to put their differences aside and actually root for their rivals to have more success than their own teams because rooting for the SEC Aardvarks as a whole is more important than their individual team. Often times Aardvark fans will make general statements that any team in the SEC is greater by their association. These are often butthurt fans of Arkansas, Ole Miss, Tennessee, Auburn, and Miss State who have been riding the coattails of the Elite programs in the conference for a decade.

SEC Aardvarks fans are often known to having an inferiority complex issue. The thought of not being the best scares them endlessly and allows them to justify some of their program's illicit behavior.
Mike: "Hey, I thought you hated Auburn?"

Kyle: "Yeah, but you know I got to root for them?"

Mike: "You would openly root for your rival to win the National Championship, something your team could not?"

Kyle: "Well, I'm really a SEC Aardvarks fan"
by Kale Oricus January 07, 2011
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