Comes from the two well know yiddish words, "schlepping," to drag around, and, "nachas," meaning pride.

Dragging around the accomplishments of ones children.

It is no surprise that the Jewish community values intellectual accomplishments, and the Torah tells us to strive for greatness, to become a pillar of our community. In Judaism, a man, is not one who is an accomplished pugilist, or fighter. He is a bookish intellectual, a scholar, a doctor, phd, or attorney.
..oh did I tell you?! Barry is completing his residency at Johns Hopkins Hospital! He will be great doctor, we always knew he would---even in college, he was at the top of his class, the president of all the clubs in high school! ...oh by the way, how is Ari doing?

Oy, there's Miriam, SCHLEPPING NACHAS again!
by halfassjew June 5, 2013