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Stands for Six Billion Secrets Addiction Disorder. A serious disorder, which begins to take over the life of the sufferer.

Symptoms include: Checking at least once a day, usually more, thinking about Six Billion Secrets a lot, quoting Six Billion Secrets in real life, having dreams about Six Billion Secrets and getting angry at the thought of white crayons.

WARNING! Withdrawl symptoms are severe and you should not stop using Six Billion Secrets without the supervision of you GP. Withdrawl symptoms include: Telling everyone your secrets, being unable to keep other people's secrets and being suspicious of other people in general.

Treatments include: Smashing up your computer/laptop/phone, disconnecting your wifi or living in a cave with no electricity.

Sadly, there is no cure for SBSAD, as Six Billion Secrets is HIGHLY addictive, and prevention in the only way forward.
Girl 1: Wow, she's always on the computer.

Girl 2: Yeah, I think she might have SBSAD.
by LankyLegs October 12, 2011
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