License plate #, Vehicle style, house they live in, church they go to, thinks about them all the time
by paniterly one October 21, 2003
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Someone who looks through all your photos but doesn't comment.
Pablo: Dude, Jenna has this cute fluffy pillow. I always wanted one of those!
Paco: How do you know about that? Stalker.
Pablo: Uhh uhh well... Well how do you know about that!
Paco: Uhh...
by losersquaredthatsme March 14, 2009
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Following around the person you like even though they hate you and would wish to hit you with a scalding hot frying pan if legal. Some people call this stalking. I call it love.
Monica is always following around Jordan. His friends shout stalker at her across the hall. But she doesn't stalk him. She just loves him and likes to admire his fine buttocks while walking behind him.
by The Shadow Molestor April 03, 2005
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A creepy girl who is obsessed with someone to the point of insanity and you will always see them doing one of the followings, eg. hiding behinds wall, cars, bushes, shop.
I didn't really know why would there be people who stalk others until I became one. I was a stalker when I was in middle school. There was this guy whom I thought was really hot, handsome. He was attractive in so many ways so I decided to stalk him. I found at the his favourite place after school was at a shopping mall so I went there with my friends hoping to catch him hanging around there. A stalker would appear to be very creepy, they will be hiding behind walls, cars, and many places and the stalker would use many kinds of ways just to know where their victim live, their phone number and where they are going.
by xxthedefinitionwriterxx May 17, 2013
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Goes by the name of Chris, frequents staring at girls from bus windows. Thinks everyone likes him, even the guys
by The Writers May 19, 2004
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Someone who follows another person around, becoming obsessed with that person, eg collecting hair, taking photos, observing them with binoculars etc.
Jack's such a stalker
Stalkee:"Jack what are you doing?"
Jack:(emits squeaking noise and moves further away to continue stalking)
by JASANTIA March 09, 2006
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What every kid thinks of another when a peer says hi in the halls. . . it's said WAY too much, and its stupid, because stalking is a serious issue, and its friggin scary as hell. So I've seen in the news & on TV shows.

Actually, it is when a male or female, of any age, becomes fixed on a certain person or group, usually an individual, though. They do anything associated with this person; buying items the victim owns, watching them/following them, attempting contact through technology (phones, internet, xbox, etc.), and many more ways. The stalker wants to know everything possible about the person, so they do their research. Once they really 'grow' on the person (getting used to looks & habits), when change is made, they either become hostile or move on to a different target. Stalking can take place in any environment, any age, and for a long period of time, or in opposite, a very short time. Not all cases of stalking have murderous or sexual purposes, most cases have no motive at all. Stereotypically, the stalker may be an ex-partner of the victim. Underage stalking has an even bigger punishment . ..
~Brother: Maddie, dude your such a stalker! Poor Justin Bieber...

-8 year old sister: Nuh uh! You liarrr!

~Brother: Must we review what happened after the concert three months ago? Yes, I believe we do; you hid in his bathroom, waited until he finished his CD signing. Then you popped out of the shower as he was dropping a shit? That wasn't cool...

-8 year old sister: I am not! He's just wicked hot, and I want to marry him, and I want him to take my virginity away!:D

~Brother: o.O
by Kingfishahh(; December 28, 2010
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