Someone who's homepage of their internet is someone else's facebook. Someone who ditches their friends to go follow someone round a club, skulking behing anything they can find. Asking how their relationship stands after meeting them two minutes ago.
Will, your a fucking stalker! Get off that girls facebook you don't even speak to her, and where have my tissues gone?
by k3nsi3 February 15, 2009
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someone who is completely and totally obsessed with another person to the point of insanity. They like one person for years at a time and do juvenile things such as finding their phone number out from someone else, calling them 3 times a week, driving past their house, finding out where they work, knowing every little fact about them even when they know nothing about you, memorizing their license plate number, keeping pictures and photos of them you've stolen, collecting items of theirs such as used straws, etc.
Paula is the biggest stalker on earth.
by loserinlove February 17, 2005
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-what ex girflfriends do during the flollowin 6 months after ending a relationship
-what facebook, myspace and all that shit promote (being a)
1: dude, caroline totally fucked up my dating plan with jessica...she said she was still my gf
2: men, she really is a psycho-ass-stalker
by Puhercules August 06, 2009
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stalker: selective walker
girl 1: so i followed him home.
girl 2: what? you're now a stalker?
girl 1: hey, that's just where i walk.. it's not my fault i was simultanously following him.
by Flash Ash February 01, 2006
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Someone who is obsessed with another person so much that their whole life is following that person. They eat, sleep, breathe that person and sometimes want to be that person! wow, isnt that creapy? The type of person a stalker might stalk is their crush, ex wife or ex girlfriend or maybe someone they want to become. Typical things a stalker might do: follow you home from school/work, drive past your house often, hide in your bushes and watch you sleep, collect tissues you've used. Stalkers are EVERYWHERE, the best thing to do when being confronted by a stalker is remain calm, dont get a restraining order...that only makes them more mad.
girl- *walks out of her house* What's that? Whos there? *looks up in tree* OmG! who the fuck are you! get out of here you stalker!
stalker- No please! i love you! i need you! you = my life!
girl- HELP!!! someone help me! *runs into house, but stalker is already there waiting* howd u get in here so fast!
stalker- dont fight it, accept it...
girl- no help!!!!
stalker- *kidnaps girl and keeps her in his basement referring to her as 'Queen' and 'Mother'
by M954 May 27, 2008
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Anyone who has an intense interest in another person. Could encompass a wide variety of people; ranging from the innocent and idealistic to the homocidal, but in our cynical society such people are generally thought of as dangerous, especially if they are socially inept.

See instead hopeless romantic.
The stalker did not think of himself as such until she told him to fuck off.
by Killing Kittens March 30, 2005
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OMGWTFBBW!! This fucking creepy guy won't leave me alone!! He keeps sending me flowers, and asking me out on dates! He called me, and left a suicidal message on my answering machine! WTF! He has a wall covered with my pictures! HELP!!!
by yougot0wn3d November 05, 2004
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