An overused word/name your ex-fiancé gives you when he bumped you cowardly by webcam, refused to meet you for a 20 minutes talk to close properly your past relationship and need a socially acceptable excuse when he is confronted in front of his friends in a public place and he wants to avoid looking like a bastard.
Mike bumped me and asked me not to contact him anymore. I called him once to have a proper talk : he called me a stalker.
by QueerActivist May 27, 2010
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Someone that is obsessed with a person. Watching and noticing every part and piece on your body. A person that craves attention so they stalk you because they want the same attention. A person with great interest and finds everything about you remarkable yet have no idea who you are.
Bob(the stalker):Hi Kelly
Kelly: Who is this person
by Ashley Morrison December 12, 2003
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A stalker is someone who says "You belong to me and I have your soul"...OR "Your mine and I won't let anyone have you." He also points out that he knows everything about you and questions on a daily basis "Did you fuck anyone?" He follows you around like he has no sense. He becomes
threatening when you ignore him or show no interest. He has his friends(errand boys) keep tabs on you...they report everything to your stalker. He acts like there was a relationship...when there was none. And he gets off on creeping you out or pissing you off...as long as you don't
ignore him. ANY attention ...even negative attention is a good thing to a stalker. BUT DO NOT IGNORE THEM...they can't stand that. They are normally possessive,obsessive and just plain delusional.
John "Hey Helena...I know everything about you!"
Elena: "What are you talking about?"
John: "Go ahead...ask me any question"
Elena: "Dude..your really creepy."
John: "Yeah, well...YOU SHOULD BE SCARED OF ME!"
John: "But I love you!"
Elena: "Hey Susan..your friend John is like a stalker!"
by Kaylani November 30, 2006
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Can refer to an individual in a group of people that stalk, known as gang stalking, or mob stalking, or mulitistalking. They use hidden/covert moving vehicular and foot surveillance techniques, and their aim is to harass, maim, and sommetimes even kill, by any method they can think of, including vehicular, poisoning, electronic "soft-kill" weapons, or more traditional methods. Most often, they like to falsely blame the victim ,for recognizing the stalking problem, as being imaginary or chemerical thinking, or a mental illness, such as paranoid and schizophrenia. Criminal doctors "chime in" and knowingly give a false diagnosis to help influential wealthy criminals cover-up what they doing. People who are leaders in these groups have access to voice-to-skull technology, and weapons that use the electromagnetic spectrum frequencies/beams that shoot invisible strong electricity, microwave, and other harmful and sometimes lethal radio frequencies. People who are in these groups, which cover entire states and the entire USA and other industrilized countries, as well as some other countries, are from all backgrounds and vocations, and ages. It is linked to the deep pockets of the illicit drug trade, and The New Wolrd Order, which the elder President Bush introduced in a speech in the early 1990's, and that movement of the criminal elite continues today. Simply, if a person doesn't believe in aggression to overtake resources, including hurting innocent people, then the NWO network figures you don't meet their profile and standards, and you may find yourself being a target. In short, they like to sabottage innocent people's jobs, friendships, and health, usually over a period of time to cover their tracks using various methods, as described above, plus many more, to make everything look like just and "accident" or the bad breaks of life.
Tim was a rising star in electrical engineering, until the NWO criminals and their network began stalking him, and ruined his life.

See, mindjustice.org, and multistalkersforum, and eharassment.ca, and Eleanor White's web site.
by Twin Towers March 22, 2006
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On the Internet - the annoying menu that chases your progress down a Web page.
I went to Bob's new Web site - I love it except for the annoying stalker.
by Cobalt's Dad November 13, 2007
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One who exhibits a sick unhealthy insane obsession with an ex friend who rejected him. This obession can lead to various results. Such as following, bugging, writing definitions on Urban Dictionary, calling and getting me to try to harrass other people. When friend's feeling by said girl is not returned nutter in question starts exhibiting dangerous psychotic behaviors that can last for years.
My friend Vitale is obsessed with this girl. He should be put away in the mental ward for the rest of his life. He's such a stalker.
by Mike Rehmyer December 26, 2007
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a creepy guy who knows what youre doing at all times and when he dosent hes trying to know. Someone who harrasses, annoys, provokes because of self contempt and jealousy. Is known for doing anything to get a reaction. Will go to any length because hes so f'in sad and has no life whatsoever. Bruised ego loser.
vitale was such a stalker, he even followed them online.
by arfis September 27, 2007
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