A stalker is someone who knows all about one person, yet the other person knows nothing about them. Stalkers find out their victim's phone number, address, family members' names and ages, etc. They follow them around school, try to listen in on their conversations, check their profile online, and make it their goal to find out as much information about their victim as possible. Stalkers are very creepy.
Jacob: UGH!!! It's that girl again! How does she find me everywhere!?
Brian: Dude, she's definitely a stalker.
by yesiamcrazy November 13, 2011
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Obviously the Plural of stalker.

Stalkers can work in groups.

Stalkers are people who try to harass their chosen victims. No bullying tactic is out of bounds.

They're usually dishonest, and have no ethics whatsoever. They will lie, cheat and steal to get end, and to them, the end justifies the means.

For a gang of stalkers, they will play tag team, messing with their subjects, to no end.

Stalkers are often not good thinkers. Their critical thinking skills are poor, and will often hold strange beliefs, such as, they've been abducted by aliens, and other such nonsense. They're definitely not intelligent people.

If you treat people with niceness, the same in return.

Whoever takes part in trying to destroy another's life probably deserves the same in return.

And even despite that, attacking individuals is still wrong.

My morality basically revolves around respect for the individual. Theirs must be based on something else.
My stalkers keep trying to ruin my life.

Joe was harassed by multiple people. He was the victim of stalkers.

Stalkers won't ever stop giving people shit. And they might turn violent!
by WTFasdfasdfasdfasdfasd August 22, 2011
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Someone who wrote the definition of someone else on urban dictionary. Also someone who loves bacon.
He wrote a definition of that person's name. Must be a Stalker.
by Bacon is inside you March 07, 2013
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a person who stalks.
Kim knows everything about me! she's such a stalker!
by xXjArInXx May 28, 2016
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I did not know what a STALKER is until I become one. A stalker can sit in a car nearby a persons house for hours straight. A STALKER poisons the victim's WLAN ARP table and sneaks into the person's Facebook account and takes notes about the persons friends and comments. A STALKER observes who visit the person and feel enormous jealousy towards them. The stalkers would make quite good private detectives.

Most notorious STALKERS build a shrine for their victim and plaster the victim's photographs on the wall around the shrine. They are the REAL PSYCOPATHS. More mild cases just write definitions into URBANDICTIONARY.
Me: Oh, fuck. I became a stalker. I cannot help sneaking around her apartment.
Jake: Get over it, man. There's more fish in the water.
by C*ntLinguist November 22, 2009
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One who watches the every move of a specific person that they show a very large amount of interest in. Stalking can include, but is not limited to;
-Watching the person sleep
-Watching the person bathe
-Odd uses of Jelly donuts or pizza
-Standing outside of their bedroom window even in the worst of conditions
-" Hey Rob, There's a girl outside that window just staring in at you. It's kind of freaking me out."

-"Oh, her? Don't worry about it, shes's just my stalker, dude."
by The Best There Ever Was April 12, 2010
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