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'Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice', Skinhead look, dress, style and attitude without the racist propaganda. Bottom line just proud men, proud warriors from where ever and whatever land they may be from.
I went to school with a Chapter Leader of S.H.A.R.P. Skinhead in Toronto, Canada and also met some members of S.H.A.R.P. while in England and can say they are some of the toughest & gnarliest yet respectful guys I've ever met. Thats saying a lot seeing as I'm from gang territory of Los Angeles.
by Circle-One June 20, 2011
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SkinHeads Against Racial Predujuce. aka a guy who likes the skinhead look but isnt a nazi. like a scene person is to an emo. only real skins hate em. they look like warriors but have the heart of lambs. we do not like them. They are also communist, which real skins also hate.

also can be another race
SHARP: Hey look my hommies im a skinhead!
Skin 1: what did you say?
Skin 2:You wanna say that again?
SHARP: Im a skinhead! but im a interracial commie!
Skin 1 (Laughting): lets kick his ass!
Skin 2 (also laughting): Ok

SHARP skinheads and his hommies and gdawg posers end up in the hospital
by realskin October 07, 2009
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