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The Author of the first Alien encounter crash site over N. texas. (Aurora) April 17th 1897. Demolition of a whindmill and a craft that bursted into flames was discoverd. 6 years before the first development of the human aircrafts/planes. A well was caped with the wreckage in 1957. A strage illness was documented after the handeling of the materials and supposed alien lifeform. Images from the early 1970's have been documented along with mutiple testamoney's of the Alien piolets remains beeing seen. Scrutinised photos were in 1897, 1895, and so on. Molten mixture of aluminum and Silver. Debries have been found in that area since.

Other sitings in that time frame include Chicago, Il., Ca., Mo., NE., ect. The sceptical site was on Judge Procters land in the 1890's. Myth, legend, or cover up?
Penny; I've been studying this account since I was a child.
David c: Silly girl, aliens don't exist. It's propaganda
Penny: There is accounts by S. E. Hayden as weel as many others that reported incedents.
David c; Your crazy
Penny: I know that man. But, I like that I don't believe everything like the status zombie community now in existance.
David c; I'll have to look that up one day. Any theory's on God?
Penny: The story's of him and horus are very similar works of writing so I still do not have the answers for you. i'd like to see the new Pyramid sitings in Egypt though.
by wonders4life<3 October 25, 2009
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