A typical rich-ass dick.
Damn, he's a Sơn.
by omaewamoushindeiru October 12, 2017
a special person to me, he owned my heart always ❤️ 🔥 he’s núng nính and soft to me♾️ i just wanna kiss him foreverrrrrrr moah moah🥺 ily btw🫶🏻
by nhiquynhmeomeo November 23, 2022
Sơn chnh , Su đờn
by 1 chiếc bé hay quên November 25, 2021
the most friendly asian friend that you can find out there
he has the ass that many ppl are paying money to get

dumb af at times but still hot and spicy but not easy to get him bc he is god damn cool and sexy
damn look at him he's such a sơn
by hwngsn November 22, 2021
He’s sweetie,sarcastic and sulky cute, I love teasing him and he’s a special person in my heart
My special friend is Trường Sơn
by 1 chiếc bé hay quên November 21, 2021