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A tiktoker who dances. He is in the hype house and likes to pull up the middle finger. His friends are Chase Hudson ( Also known as lilhuddy), Nick Austin, and more.
Me: Ryland Storms is so hot!!!!
by MisterJonesMeandMisterJones August 18, 2020
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a guy from tiktok that loves raising his middle finger, is a very chill dude, is the most unproblematic person alive, and is very hot.
girl 1 : hey do u know who is ryland storms?
girl 2: yesss, i wanna date himmm!
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ryland storms is a person in the hype house. he likes to put up his middle finger, in every single tiktok he does. and he’s hot as fuck.
girl 1: did you see ryland storms?
girl 2: yep. he’s kinda hot..
by rylandslover January 10, 2021
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