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Ryesas are very rare and should be treasured if you know one. She is usually the bae and the sweetest gal ever <3 She's like an amazing older sister and will always make you smile and laugh. Her hair is usually well taken care of and smells addictingly good and she's a very sensitive person- physically and sensitively (she's ticklish practically everywhere). After just knowing her for a short time, she will become very dear to her and you will surely fall in love with her <3 Anyone is lucky to have a Ryesa in their lives.
Ishan: "OMG, I love that girl."
Katie: "OMG, is that a Ryesa?"
Ishan: "Hell to the yes."
Katie: "Dibs on the Ryesa."
Ishan: "...Dang it. I wish I had a Ryesa."
by SpreadTheLoveAround June 03, 2014
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