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1. The burnt edges on nacho chips when you microwave them too long.
2. Mexican dove releaser, usually found at Jewish weddings.
3. A word used to exclaim when in bed and sexually frusterated with what your significant other is doing. Also used when more ...power... is wanted.
4. Street slang for penguin cum.
5. Soon to be new wife's name.. only if you're a babe, lucky, rich, 5'11-6'2, brown hair, blue eyes, totally ripped, brach bod, oiled up rack, can cook, likes to play with xylaphones, good in bed, not asian, nor chienese, and can spell 17 letter words.
6. verb form; to ryea something means to vigorously mow the lawn with a sexal tone.
7. The back cover of a doctor seuss book.
8. The unspoken continent that nobody knows of, until now, along the 9th line of latutututuide, benesath the sea, onder past the horizon, only seen on april 17 between 5:40=5:49 pm, middle eastern time, where oompa loompas are created and waffles and fried chicken are a delecasy. but don't go there. for the evil carly's roam. they rape things.
9. rlated term; Ryeasuis Carlycocious- the scientific term, for the fungas between a gorilla's toe.
10. The scratches you left on the way out of your mother.
2. And at this time, the Ryea's will release the doves.
3. For fuck sakes, David! RYEAAAAAA!
4. ....self explanitory. who needs an example for this, you fucking idiot.
5. not you.
6. Go ryea the lawn, you nasty fuck. I'll pay you later.
7. if you don't know what doctor seuss is, talk to someone. your childhood must have been fucked. very unfortunate..
8. just don't go there. it's not in the atlas, don't bother google-ing it either.
9. let me tell you, king kong's got a bad case of this shit. no joke, don't run form the gorilla, the Ryasuis Carlycocious should be your first concern if a giant ass gorilla's parading around your town.
10. Dude, go check it out. It cannot be explained, it's some viusual type learning thing you need to see.
by Ryeasuis Carlycocious August 24, 2009
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