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The largest blow possible in any violent confrontation. Also known as the Peacemaker Punch, The Face Breaker, or The Old Haymaker.

This devastating maneuver is performed usually with the fist of the attacker being pulled back behind its respective shoulder. This results in physical pressure equivalent to a small thermonuclear device that is delivered to a (minority's) nose.

Can be used on doors, lockers, grandparents, terrorists, you, me, or anyone else that incites the rage of of the callous handed barbarian that uses this kind of blow.
guy 1: "Hey did you see that thing he did to (insert anyone here, really)? It was like a... a..."

guy 2: "Ya man its called a Ryan Punch."

guy 1: "He wouldnt do that to me, right...?"

guy 2: "That depends on how black you are. lolz"
by Patriot Marz April 27, 2008
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