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Derived from San Francisco, the mystical "Ryan Brogan" is one of the senators of the US's gay capital. He was fired from his job as a senator for "trying to rape all of the little boys" in all of San Fransico. Mr. Brogan called this plan "The San FransicOHNO." If you see a 15-18 year old who looks 100 percent gay with dark black hair, be aware. Rumor has it that he now dwells around the parts of Florida, waiting for the day he can finally strike the boys once again.
We were at the park one day, and everything was fine. A 14-year-old boy came up to us. I went to go use the bathroom, and when I left, my friend was never seen until 8 days later, where he needed to be sent to a hospital for...

This was a sighting of the "Ryan Brogan." Be aware, be scared
by Someonethatcriesalot March 20, 2017
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