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The Rusty Poodle was invented by Kevin Maher back in 2005 after a conversation took place at a Financial company with an elderly client who enjoyed discussing her dog, Rusty The Poodle.

After recognizing the potential sexual implication that a Rusty Poodle could have, he found it necessary to immediately define it.

Rusty in sexual terms often refers to the anus, as in "Rusty Sheriff's Badge" and/or "Rusty Trombone"

Poodles are a breed of dog with the most prominent identifying feature of extremely curly hair.

Therefore, a Rusty Poodle can best be descibed as such:

"While a man sexually penetrates his partner in the anus, he simultaneously shaves his pubic hairs. Once a significant pile of pubic hairs has formed, the man then removes his penis and dips it into the pile of shaved pubic hairs.

The man then requests that his partner orally service him, and in turn the partner will taste not only their own anus, but the pubic hairs that were shaven."

"Rusty" refers to the ANUS, while "Poodle" refers to PUBIC HAIRS.

Used in a sentence, Rusty Poodle can be employed as both a VERB and a NOUN.

NOUN - "I can't wait to give my girlfriend a Rusty Poodle tonight."

VERB - "I am going to Rusty Poodle that bitch tonight!"
See Definition Above for uses as both a VERB and a NOUN.

"I can not wait to give my girlfriend a Rusty Poodle tonight"

"I plan on Rusty Poodling her the best I ever have!!"
by Kevin Maher October 25, 2007
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