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An advanced sex maneuver developed by a stud known only as "Jesus Reist", involving the creative use of surroundings. Similar to the scene in the Godfather where a woman is being pounded from behind against the wall, this maneuver requires the use of a wooden door. Most effectively used to breakup with a girl, while still getting off.

While penetrating a woman from behind, with her front against the door, the man takes a tremendous thrust backwards, pulling the woman backwards, causing her upper torso being perpendicular to her legs, head against the door. The man then thrusts into her as hard as he can, ramming her through the wooden door, resulting in her ass and legs hanging on one side, and her upper torso through the door.

The man then continues to penetrate the likely unconscious woman using the door handle to open and close the door, making a pleasurable curved thrust. The weight of the unconscious woman causes stress on the hinges, resulting in a squeaking sound, hence the name "Rusty hinge".
Don't worry man, I totally gave her a rusty hinge. There's no doubt we're over.
by JesusReist June 03, 2010
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