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Or a new metal head, not to be confused with a nu metal head, because nu metal sucks, we are a society (or at least i am) of metalheads that dont conform to ANY group, that would include metalheads. Metal ISN'T supposed to have a dress code. A rusthead is nearly impossible to dissern from a non rusthead because we dont conform to the metalhead stereotype, but we do like metal. Personally, this ironhead dislikes nu-metal, mainstream and especially SATAN. We dont fit ANY thing that sets this particular ironhead apart is the dark skin. Every ironhead is different simply because there is no set status quo, because as a sub species of metalhead, we hate those. The dress code is pants and a shirt...accessories are welcome and ears are mandatory.

We also like other kinds of music...
Metalhead1- Pantera!!
Metalhead2- Slayer!!
Metalhead3- GWAR!!
Rusthead- yep..
metalhead1- You, with the unique clothing, what are you dont here!! You are not metal!!!
Rusthead- Oh? How you figure?
Metalhead2- You aren't following the dress code!
Rusthead- Not supposed to be a dresscode for metal, boys, i am also a metalhead, but i dont conform...if you were to put a label on me, it would probobly say Rust
Metalhead3- But satan is king!!
Rusthead- No, he isn't. Metal is about the music, not the friggin' fashion, now back up before i split a motherfucker
Metalhead1- How can you consider yourself a metalhead, you dont dress like us! We are nonconformists-
Rusthead- Yep, really indivitual, look, there is a reason we call you 1 2 and 3, we couldn't distinguish between you guys otherwise. Look, the fact that you guys have put a status quo on metal is a friggin' irony, simply because the purpose of metal is to not conform to anything, so the more you guys look like each other, the less metal you become
*metalhead3 bursts into tears.
by ManOfTheDiaspora May 15, 2005
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