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(noun) -- (definition 1) a man who has a belly diameter equal to or greater that one half his overall height, thereby possibly making him a high-risk candidate for coronary artery disease, coronary thrombus or perhaps even sudden cardiac death.

(noun) -- (definition 2) the belly of such a person as described in definition 1 of this word.

(So named after the sudden, cardiac death of reknown U.S. journalist Tim Russert on 13 june, 2008. R.I.P. )
When I heard about extreme belly fat being a factor in "sudden cardiac death", I measured my body's lattitude at my belly button. I'm probably not eight feet tall. Therefore, it would behoove me to exercise, eat less junk food and get rid of this Russert potato!
by Paul Skinner June 17, 2008
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