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The most beautiful girl,
5 foot 2'',
Naturally perfect tan,
Light as a feather,
Dark brown eyes,
Sexy lips,
Pretty smile,
Has her own style,
No other girl can ever replace the beauty on her face,
Her beauty shines on the inside and on the out,
Admired by plenty,
Desired by many,
Naturally gorgeous,
Nothing can glow like her beautiful face in the moon light,
She never gives up,
She's an angel and that's no exaggeration,
Nothing can top her,
When you dream of your ideal love, dream of her, because the description of a beautiful girl is Ruqia.
Guy1:"Naufil! who's that fine girl you've been hangin out with?
Naufil: "She's Ruqia man"
by 4ever**** June 15, 2009
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