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A game that is said to be a "WoW clone" but is not a complete copy. It is typically abbreviated with "RoM', and is set in a continent called Taborea. This game has WoW-like graphics and a similar feel while playing, but is not quite the same. There are no race options in RoM, but there will be in September, 2009, as they will be introducing the "Elf" race, along with two new class choices. The only race at the moment is Human. There are currently six classes to choose from, being: Warrior, Knight, Mage, Priest, Scout, and Rogue. In September, 2009, there will be two more classes introduced to the game being the Warden and Druid. These will be released with the expansion: RoM Chapter Two: The Elven Prophecy. One awesome feature RoM has that WoW does not is their Dual Class System, similar to that of the one in guild wars, only much better! Another very good thing about RoM is that the majority of the community is friendly, unlike on WoW. Another good thing is that there is no Alliance Vs. Horde bullshit, as everyone is independent until they join a guild, and there are no sides. The last, and most important good thing RoM has going for it that WoW does not, is that RoM is both F2D and F2P FOREVER!
Friend: "Want to go buy the WotLK expansion for WoW?"
Me: "No man, I quit WoW. Now I play Runes of Magic. It is just as good, but it is free forever! :D"
Friend: "Well screw WoW then! Lets go play Runes of Magic!"
by Rawrzaur July 17, 2009
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