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The act of buying Rumple Minze shots for girls because its 50% alcohol but tastes minty and delicious to lower inhibitions and get "Turnt Up".
Originally the practice started in Clemson, SC and hit an all time high of use as an effective one night stand method during the summer of 2013.
Despite the name, the "rape" is merely providing High ABV in a delicious and unassuming shot; not actually "rape" the crime. Rape is wrong, all the time, well not in prison, just kidding...but seriously.
"She only went home with him after he Rumple Raped her."

1. "That girl is way out of my league and too sober."
2. "Nah man you just gotta Rumple Rape her."

Rumple Minze Clemson rumple Rumplemintz Shots
by Hollabills September 06, 2013
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