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A proper noun but just no ordinary one. The noun Rumanique comes from Ancient Greece commonly refers to being “queen”. If you are Rumanique you are automatically seen as a Queen and someone known as the most beautiful person on the planet, truly a remarkable person. To be known as Rumanique is truly a honour because you’re one in a million someone who is truly special. Early uses of Rumanique originated in Jerusalem when Rumanique associated with being and “Angel”.
1)”look it’s Rumanique! The new queen of Kye’s heart!”
2)”Have you heard of Rumanique? The most special person on the planet. To be known as Rumanique is truly amazing.”

3)”Rumanique! Come here! You’re now the leader of Kye’s heart!”
4)”Rumanique. The angel of men’s hearts.”
5)”Rumanique have you heard? Kye claims he loves you, do you love him back?”
by Kye Crawford June 14, 2018
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