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1st RULE: You do not talk about FIGHT CLUB.
2nd RULE: You DO NOT talk about FIGHT CLUB.
3rd RULE: If someone says "stop" or goes limp, taps out the fight is over.
4th RULE: Only two guys to a fight.
5th RULE: One fight at a time.
6th RULE: No shirts, no shoes.
7th RULE: Fights will go on as long as they have to.
8th RULE: If this is your first night at FIGHT CLUB, you HAVE to fight.
Example 1)
Joe: Have you Ever heard of fight club?
Ben: Rule #1 Bitch.
Example 2)
Joe: Have you Ever heard of fight club?
Ben: Rule #2 Bitch.
Example 3)
Jack: RULE 3! RULE 3!
Paul: WHAT!? I don't understand you!
Jack: STOP!
Paul: And that is how we learn.
Example 4)
Jacob & Bob: We are gonna kick your ass Ned!
Tyler: RULE 4!
Example 5)
Jim & Robert: Can we fight also?
Tyler: RULE 5!
Example 6)
John: Wanna know how this place isn't like a store?
Sal: How?
John: Rule 6
Example 7)
Caleb: How long do these fights go on for?
Tyler: Rule #7! Does anybody listen to me?!?!
Example 8)
Tyler: Who else's first night is this?
Crowd: Why are you asking?
Tyler: RULE 8! Fuck this I am starting Project: Mayhem!
These are the Rules of Fight Club
by asdfghjkasdfghkj September 14, 2008
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