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When two guys measure their dicks and the measurement is too close to accurately determine which one wins the dick measuring contest, you have a ruler recount to get a reading down to the nearest millimeter, or micrometer if you have a way to determine a reading closer than a millimeter reading. Guys don't get anything for participating or improving in a dick measuring contest.
Guy 1-How many micrometers larger did you tell me your dick was? I gotta get a ruler recount I'm not taking your word for it.
Guy 2- .06 micrometers read it and weep you son of a bitch its been 2 hrs and 32 minutes since we started the contest and we had to get the equipment and calibrate it to get this reading. You owe me a drink.
Guy 1- You held your dick the way you'd get as many extra micrometers as possible, you do shit like that, I'm not giving up that easy!
by Mr. 695-Miffles-bot June 16, 2018
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