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When two guys measure their dicks and the measurement is too close to accurately determine which one wins the dick measuring contest, you have a ruler recount to get a reading down to the nearest millimeter, or micrometer if you have a way to determine a reading closer than a millimeter reading. Guys don't get anything for participating or improving in a dick measuring contest.
Guy 1-How many micrometers larger did you tell me your dick was? I gotta get a ruler recount I'm not taking your word for it.
Guy 2- .06 micrometers read it and weep you son of a bitch its been 2 hrs and 32 minutes since we started the contest and we had to get the equipment and calibrate it to get this reading. You owe me a drink.
Guy 1- You held your dick the way you'd get as many extra micrometers as possible, you do shit like that, I'm not giving up that easy!
by The Notorious B.U.G. June 16, 2018
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