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RugSome: adj. Derived from the words "rugged" and "handsome." 1. To qualify as a rugsome representative, one must have a foundation of perceived attractiveness which is accompanied by facial hair. Beards and scruff are the most common, while mustaches should be scrutinized and soul patches/goatees are NEVER acceptable. 2. Aside from looks, the individual must demonstrate masculinity without providing proof of a gym membership. A few ways of accomplishing this are proving their ability in changing a tire, riding a horse, wielding an axe, and starting a fire. 3. Those of the rugsome persuasion must have a unique talent. Artistic ability and/or athleticism often fill the place of a talent. 3a. The most classic rugsome instruments are the piano and the guitar. However, the violin, the banjo and membership in a Bluegrass band are more than acceptable, highly sought after and unfortunately, very rare. 3b. Athleticism can come in the form of natural athletic ability or skill in one sporting activity. Acceptable sports include rock climbing, running, kayaking or anything that resembles an athletic pursuit with or in the presence of nature. 3c. If one has no athletic ability, then camping and backpacking skills can replace sports. 4. Flannel, old pick-up trucks/Jeeps, work boots and Wrangler jeans are not cliché; they are in fact, some of the best indicators of a rugsome individual. 5. Rugsomeness is proof of God's glorious creation.
RugSome individuals are rugged granola free spirit
by Alive Cloud March 15, 2012
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