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A woman (ranging in size from thick to unusually large) who is wearing a ruffled shirt or dress to conceal any rolls, flab, or muffin top action she may have going on. Not necessarily ugly, the Ruffleupagus is often mislabeled as "The D.U.F.F." This beast is far more dangerous than the "Grenade" due to her unrelenting and smothering "friendliness". Males often find they will NOT get a word in with the other more attractive members of her herd because she just. won't. go. away. The Ruffleupagus will generally pout and/or over-indulge in alcohol if she feels threatened, ignored, or disrespected, thereby causing a tremendous scene which will inevetably destroy the rest of everyone's evening. The Ruffleupagus can be overcome via cunning tactics or well-rehearsed teamwork, or by the intervention of a seasoned Ruffleupagus hunter. (some guys like the taste of Ruffleupagus meat. Blaargh.)

Side note: A group of such women, should they choose to congregate, he referred to as a faggle, at which point they are referred to as "Ruffalo".
Last night at the bar, these three hotties rolled in with a huge Ruffleupagus. We identified her easily because of her husky build and the ruffled black shirt she wore in an effort to fool us into thinking she was on par with the rest of the group.... like we couldn't tell she was too havy for the ride, lollollollollol.
by FiFTy FooT FoX April 05, 2011
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