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An excellent last name. Those who bear this surname are blessed, in varying degrees, with superb intelligence, stunning good looks, unsurpassed taste in all things, and a great deal of charm and humor. Everyone likes a Ruegemer and wants to be like them. A prime example of a perfect Ruegemer can be found in Minnesota and goes by the given name of Michael. Possessing all the forementioned traits to the utmost extent, his youth, astonishingly handsome features, chiseled physique, and unrivaled intellect, all epitomize the Ruegemer name. Others who do not possess the surname Ruegemer may become jealous, but that soon turns to admiration. The female who takes the name Ruegemer, especially that of this Michael, is indeed a lucky woman
Random dude: I wish I was a Ruegemer.

Dude: Who's that awesome dude over there?
Chick: I think that's a Ruegemer. I'm gonna go ask him out.

Random chick: I hope I'm lucky enough to marry a Ruegemer!
by Ruegemeister February 23, 2010
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